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Panaceas Got Crew. It's Magic. I'm Thankful!

It's pretty magical how this crew was found to get Panacea up and running for the season. I love it when I write the script, hand it to the Universe and things just happen the way it was scripted.

After three days of working on Panacea by myself, there were just things that i couldn't do without another pair of hands. Pat has been studying how to write scripts to make things happen and so she put it out there that I needed some help. She's pretty good at this stuff.

A couple hours later, I get a call out of the blue from a young lady named Megan that wanted to come aboard Panacea and learn about sailing. She said her Grandpa had a sail boat and sailed in the Bahamas and had work done on her over there because the cost was much less than in the USA. Unfortunately, he passed before she was born.

Pic of Megan
Megan - Super Girl

Her Dad was a shrimper in northern Florida and had his own boat. His wife became crew and they shrimped together. When Megan was born, her mom came off the boat to raise her. Her dad sold the shrimp boat and got a runabout to kick around on. Megan said she missed out on her marine experiences and wanted to get connected with her aquatic roots.

I told her to get the full experience, she should come down and do some painting, varnishing and oiling of some wood. She thought that was a good idea. Really? So did I. The bonus, she asked if she could bring a friend, Alex. Of course I said sure, good idea. So enters Alex.

Pic of Alex
Alex - Varnish Master

At the same time, Pat found a great guy that was looking for work. I invited him to come on down and let's see what we could do. So Austen joined the party.

Now I'm not saying that Pat had anything to do with "drawing" these amazing people into my life, but Pat is magic. We live our life and accept miracles on a daily basis. We also know our job in this lifetime is to accept the Laws of Attraction and be thankful, grateful and giving which fuel the magic and miracles that we receive and share.

So these amazing people are now a part of our family and friends. They are great additions and we look forward to watching them grow in their lives and we'll do what we can to care for them on their journeys.

So to wrap this up, Panacea is coming right along. Now it's time to prep the decks for painting and get some sailing under our belts.

We look forward to sailing with you. Call for reservations or now your can book directly online. Check the calendar and book a sail by CLICKING HERE.

Capt. Paul

s/v Panacea

Sailing Panacea
Panacea loves what she does. We love what she does too.

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