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Time to Clean, Wax, Enhance & Fix

Updated: Oct 7, 2018

It's that time of year. Panacea is coming out of summer and needing her yearly rubbin' and scrubbin'. She likes that. A lot...

I love this time of year. We just got back in town and are busy pulling things together for the season. Fall, if you can call it that is great here. Cool mornings in the low 70's and comfortable as well as moderate highs in the mid to upper 80's with a touch of moisture in the air.

Pat, Maggie and I take walks down by the bay and have noticed that the water is still that nice "Root Beer" brown. It's a shame that the system is still pumping poison into our area, but we are in hopes that the times are changing.

Cleaning up is essential for all areas of the World, NOW more that ever before. We as people have let things get out of hand so much plastic in landfills, streams & oceans. I'll talk more about all that as I go on, but for now, just take an extra "Paper or cloth" bag with you on your walks. Take the time to pick up a few things that don't belong on the ground. You'll notice them. It's the stuff that is not a rock, dirt, leaves or twigs. The rest, just pick up and dispose of it in a proper way. You'll start the process of making a difference. Instantly.

"Do you have questions about what you can do to help clean up this Planet Earth? Just sit for a moment. Relax. Think. You'll start to imagine what YOU can do. Then join a group that is making a difference. It's addictive." Capt. Paul

Back to Panacea...

Panacea is a beautiful 1980 43' center cockpit ketch. The Endeavor Yacht Corporation built these a long time ago and they are a piece of art. Yes, she takes tender loving care. Yes, she's got scares here and there. I can even tell you about a few of them. Yes, she is comfortable, loving and will take more at sea that I can. I like that. Yes, I love her with my entire soul.

So each year, at this time, she gets the big once over. New wires here and there, new hoses, clamps and such. The rubbing is a lot of work, but pays off in the long run. My riggers climb the two masts and check all the rigging for anything that may need attention. Lights are checked as well as all her safety equipment. All in all it's her annual check-up.

Sailing in Fort Myers Beach
s/v Panacea doing what she does so well. Engage.

During the year maintenance is ongoing. She's a lady that let's me know exactly what she wants and will not take no for an answer. That's what makes her special.

So this is why our sailing season will begin November 5, 2018. I'm just coming off a long road trip and it's important for me to take my time and make sure everything is just right. Not just for me, but for the safety of the vessel, crew and passengers.

So be sure and sign up for our updates. Keep connected. I will have a lot to share here and I want you to come along for the ride. When you have a chance to visit Fort Myers Beach, don't hesitate to give me a call to go sailing on the Gulf of Mexico. Even if you choose to just come to FantaSea Sailing at Salty Sam's Marina and just want a tour of Panacea, give me a call I'd love for you to get your feet on her decks and feel the history.

Sailing in Fort Myers Beach is an amazing experience. Sign up below for updates, information, coupons etc. We have deals now and then.

Thanks for stopping buy. I'll be back up here soon. Now, I've got to go to work and connect with Panacea. She truly lives up to her name. She's an amazing cure all.

See you on the dock...

Capt. Paul

s/v Panacea

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