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Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some common questions that we are asked.  If you have any questions, comments or concerns, don't hesitate to give me a call at 1-888-582-9046 and ask for Capt. Paul.

Q:  Can we bring food and drinks aboard?

A:  Yes. You may bring soft or adult drinks aboard. You can bring snacks or sandwiches too. We have refrigeration, but if you choose to bring a cooler try to use a small, soft sided cooler. No coolers with wheels please.

Q:  What, if any snacks or beverages do you furnish while we are sailing with you?

A:  We furnish cool water and ice.  Mixed nuts are always aboard for your snacking pleasure.  When we can find good coconuts, we bust one open and share the water inside as well as snack on the meat with a little dark chocolate.

Q:  Is there music aboard Panacea?

A:  Glad you asked.  We have an iPod loaded with tons of tropical music and a mass of artists that some you will know, and some I'll introduce to you.  We also have an AM/FM/CD unit as well as Pandora Radio.  There is usually a guitar and ukulele aboard also. We apologize for that right up front…

Q:  What about weather problems?

A:  Because you pay for your cruise "after" we sail, Unless you booked online, you are not charged if there is a delay or cancelation.  I watch the weather very closely.  We know you are here and onboard for a "pleasure" sail, so if the weather doesn't meet our standards, we do our best to reschedule your voyage, or if we cancel it, you will be refunded. Weather Happens.

Q:  How many people can we fit on Panacea?

A:  We are limited to 6 passengers because of licensing and insurance.  We are very proud to hold our passengers to 6.  We love having you aboard and don't want you to have to crowd yourself in with twenty, thirty or more guests.  It makes it a personal sail for everyone aboard.

Q:  Can we have a private cruise with just our friends and family?

A:  Yes you can.  When you call for a reservation, we can discuss all the possibilities of getting you out with just your bunch of people.

Q:  How should we dress for our voyage?

A:  Comfortable!  You will be spending time on the water, on a boat, lounging around and enjoying what life in the moment has to offer.  Whatever you are comfortable wearing is what you should wear.  During the winter it can get cool on the water, so depending on the time of year, dress accordingly.  SHOES are the biggest problem sometimes.  If you have black soles on your shoes, you will have to remove your shoes.  The rule is "Boat Shoes or Barefoot." Heels are out.

Q:  What should we bring?

A:  Anything you want to make your stay with us a pleasure for you.  I recommend a camera, sunglasses, a hat, sunscreen (Try not to bring a spray. If you do, you will have to spray it into your had and rub it on. The spray will cause a problem with safety because it makes the decks slippery.), a light jacket if needed.

Q:  What should I leave at home?

A:  Expectations.  At FantaSea Sailing, we are firm believers that the product we offer is the best value you have here in Fort Myers Beach to get on the water.  With our commitment to showing you a wonder-filled time and our attention to details, you will have a great experience.  We are attentive to your needs, sail within your comfort zone and leave you alone when we sense that is important to you. Communication is very important, just let us know what you want.

Q:  What type of wild life do we see during our voyage?

A:  We see dolphins 95% of the time.  We will also encounter manatees, osprey, rays, sharks and other marine and wildlife.  Keep your eyes on the water and in the skies.  We have binoculars onboard.  Request them if you want to use them.

Q:  What safety equipment do you have aboard?

A:  We have all the US Coast Guard items such as, life jackets, throwable floatation devises, three VHF radios, a SSB radio, E.P.I.R.B, and flares.  Your safety is the most important side of our business.  We want you to feel the security of the strongest sailing vessel for hire in the Fort Myers Beach area.  If you feel good and safe, you will visit us again and again.

Q:  Is there things we can't do aboard?

A:  First of all you must act safely.  We have a just a few major rules;  one is you must stay onboard, another is the cup holder next to the helm is the helmsman's.  No exceptions.  

COMMUNICATION IS OUR NUMBER ONE RULE!  If you have questions about what you can do aboard, just communicate it to us.  We want you to have experience you expect from your voyage.

The worst thing I ever hear when we get back to port is, "I wish we could have done..."  If we know, we can do it.  If you want music, ask for it.  If you don't want music, let us know.  If you want to take the helm, just ask. If you want to be left alone, don't hesitate to ask for your private time. We will do everything possible to fulfill your wishes on any level.

What happens on Panacea, stays on Panacea.

Q:  Can we sunbath topless?

A:  Yes.  BUT if there are other guests aboard that are not with your party, then it can be a touchy situation.  So that has to be discussed with the other passengers. If people are adult enough to go topless, then they are adult enough to discuss it with the other passengers. Some people have issues with this, but we want you to enjoy your sail and enjoy your expectations. Just remember that communication is very important during our time together.

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