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Ahhh, s/v Panacea. What a Gal.

Updated: Apr 2, 2019

Panacea. All I know is she's special. When they say, "There's no Panacea for...", I have to disagree. She has been a major Panacea in my life.

Here's what Panacea means:

Panacea Comes From the Name of a Greek Goddess

Panacea comes from a Greek word meaning "all-healing", and Panacea was the goddess of healing. In the Middle Ages and the Renaissance, alchemists who sought to concoct the "elixir of life" (which would give eternal life) and the "philosopher's stone" (which would turn ordinary metals into gold) also labored to find the Panacea.

Examples of panacea in a Sentence

"May I offer you a Panacea to enhance this glorious day?" Or, "Once you experience this Panacea you will come back again and again."

Sure a lot of folks use it as a negative also, "There is no real Panacea for the US Government." Or If there was a real Panacea, you wouldn't be in the mess you're in.

As you can see, I only see sunshine, fair winds and Magic.

So I get what history is trying to say, but if you have ever sailed on Panacea, you know how she works. When you get back to the dock, you have, what I call, the "Panacea Buzz." It's just that feeling where you are coming out of a dream. That moment between the dream and reality where you just feel like you are in a perfect place at a perfect time.

Then you stretch, open your eyes and try to hold onto that moment as long as possible. You know what, you can. If you choose to. Just take a deep breath and remember the experience you just had. Go back to it, anytime you need to. Go to, click on the Ship Pics link and then click on a few photos. Remember? Yes. I remember.

Some people say, "It's just a boat." Ha! When I first met Panacea, she was just in from 17 years of cruising the Caribbean. She had been sailing between Brazil, the Windwards, Panama, Mexico and Cuba and all points in between.

I stood in the center of her Saloon. I could feel her Soul. It was an easy decision. She chose me. So I gave in. I took on the project to bring her back to life to share her with the World.

Since that time, hundreds of people have experienced her decks, berths, meals and destinations. She has shared her life. People have been married on her. She has taken people to dream spots from St. Petersburg to the Dry Tortugas, Key West to Bahia Honda.

A few guests have brought their guests back for their final sail with Panacea as their ashes have been spread in the Gulf waters.

I have always said, "You call as a client, board as a friend and leave as family." It works for us. That's why Panacea's family comes back again and again.

One song writer took the time to write a song called, Carry Me Away Panacea." I'll figure a way to share that here someday.

I have some art work that a couple of sketch artists sent me because she touched their Souls. It's been a great journey so far. The winds are still blowing and the Magic of Panacea still crosses the seas and brings people together. She cuts through the water with her majestic stature. She's beautiful, strong and healthy. She's my Love. Forever.

So I just wanted to share a moment of Love with Panacea and you all. She'll continue to glide on the comfortable waters of the Gulf of Mexico. She'll keep you safe. She'll continue to show off in her own inimitable style.

NOTICE: This is about Panacea. Take a moment of your time and share your thoughts and experiences of the time you had on Panacea. Let it flow from your heart and soul. I'll read them to her. She'll appreciate hearing from you. Thanks. Plus it will help people that have not sailed with her to understand what happened to you.

Capt. Paul West

s/v Panacea

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Rest well Panacea. Thanks for being in my life.

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2 comentários

Oh Panacea... you were my first. No one forgets their first! You showed me the way and I was never again the same. You changed my life and you will always be my first love!


Paul West
Paul West
02 de abr. de 2019

I guess you have to log in to leave a comment. Go figure. I'll work on making this an easier process. Thanks for putting up with my lack of tech knowledge. I'm learning. - Capt. Paul

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