Taking Care of Our Seas, Land & Air

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Long before FantaSea Sailing was created I have had a respect for the land and sea. As awareness has grown in recent decades I realized it's time to put all my knowledge and wisdom to work.

As you read this page, the things we do are in black and what you can do to help us will be in green. I'm in hopes that together we can help spread the word about the good, the bad and the ugly so that people in all of our lives will take a step to make a difference. As it's been said, there's no Planet B to fall back on.

Our Daily Sails

You will notice that we do not carry bottled water onboard the cruising vessel Panacea. We do carry reverse osmosis water in 3 to 5 gallon containers. We dispense it to our friends aboard in cups that are 100% compost-able and recyclable. They have lids and are available for your use.

Don't forget to put your name on it so you can use it throughout your stay aboard Panacea. Also if you have a re-useable container that you carry around with you, all the better. Use your own container if you have one.

We have two containers for waste aboard Panacea. One for garbage and non-recyclable items and one for the recyclables. We ask that you respect the difference and use the correct container.

We take every safe effort to keep our waters clean.
If you happen to see a plastic bottle, bag or ropes, lines or fishing line drifting in the current, or any other item that doesn't belong there, point it out to the first mate or captain. We will take the time and effort to retrieve the item and bring it ashore to dispose of it properly.

We hope that you will take this plan into your own world and
make a difference.

Our Overnight Charters

Everything above applies. The following information will also apply.

We don't change bedding or towels on a daily basis. If you need a change,
just ask and we'll be happy to take care of it. By using less laundry, we use less water and cleaning items. This helps keep our World just that much cleaner.

Speaking of cleaning items, we use as many "Green" cleaning products as possible and are always on the look out for Greener and better products and companies to support..
If you know of a product or supplier that we can check out, please let us know.

Most of our lights have been changed over to LED lights. They are much more efficient. In some of the lighting outlets we have incandescent and LED's
you can choose the lighting you need at the moment, but we suggest if we are at anchor to use the LED setting.

We also charge our batteries, while underway with the use of the sun. We have installed 2, 135 watt solar panels that produce up to 15 amps of charging power. This system keeps all of our electronics and refrigeration running during the day. At night we conserve energy and recharge the batteries during the day.

We also have one oil lamp in the main saloon. It's nice to sit and enjoy the lighting that the 'ol sailors used when electric was not available yet.

Air conditioning can be used at the dock, if needed. It runs on AC power. While we are on the hook in the anchorage, we have 24 opening ports and hatches. One with a wind scoop that keeps the air flowing throughout the vessel. We have cushions for the cockpit and a hammock too.

The light from the moon and stars are wonderful, but we do run an anchor light close to the deck to keep us safe as other vessels approach to anchor with us.

All of our waste is packaged and stowed so that we can dispose of it, in a proper way when we reach a port for supplies.

We love this Planet and the Seas we sail on. It is up to us all to make a difference in the largest way possible and keeping in mind that the smallest efforts are not overlooked.

If you have ideas, comments or concerns, please don't hesitate to ask. I'm always available to talk with you.

Now go pick up a piece of trash... Dispose of it properly... Look over your shoulder and know, YOU'VE MADE A DIFFERENCE. Just like that!

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